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Additional family law services for clients

Client Services

Michael offers his services to clients who want to resolve their family law issues outside of court. One option is Collaborative Family Law.

Michael advises clients about family law agreements, including negotiation of agreements respecting family law issues and giving clients independent legal advice about family law agreements.  Examples of family law agreements include separation agreements, prenuptial agreements, cohabitation agreements and marriage agreements.

Michael acts as lawyer to advise clients engaged in family law mediation.

Negotiation of Agreements

As a lawyer, Michael acts for clients to negotiate terms of a family law agreement with a current or former spouse or partner, including agreements between parents of children.   Michael will provide advice, engage in negotiations and prepare or review the draft Agreement.

Independent Legal Advice

As a lawyer, Michael will provide independent legal advice to a client for a fixed fee respecting a written family law agreement.  The fixed fee includes meeting with you, reviewing the Agreement, advising you about the law and the terms of the Agreement, witnessing your signature on the Agreement and providing you with a letter summarizing his legal advice.   If you choose to retain Michael to make any changes to the Agreement then those services are charged at Michael’s hourly rate.

Free Consultation

As a lawyer, Michael will meet with a prospective client for 30 minutes at no charge to assess what services the client may require. After a free consultation, if you choose to retain Michael to provide legal services, then any future services provided are charged at Michael’s hourly rate.

About Michael Eeles

Michael is a Family Law Arbitrator, a Family Law Mediator and a Collaborative Family Separation Professional and also acts as a mediator of disputes respecting Wills & Estates. 

In addition to being a mediator and an arbitrator, Michael is a practicing lawyer who conducted cases in B.C. courts for over 30 years.   As a lawyer Michael offers legal services to clients who require legal advice respecting family law matters.  After many years of experience dealing with the emotional and financial costs of fighting about family law issues in court, Michael has chosen to only accept clients who require his services to resolve matters outside of court. 

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