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Additional family law services available for lawyers

Family Law Mediation

I can provide mediation services to resolve any family law issue including parenting plans, support or property. I also find that mediation is an excellent process for the resolution of marriage and cohabitation agreements.

Before any family law mediation session I meet with each party separately to introduce myself, get some boilerplate information and determine on a preliminary basis what issues they want resolved; and I also do the required screening of each party for family violence issues.

When counsel are comfortable not attending mediation sessions it is often most helpful if counsel provide support and advice to their clients before the mediation begins, before the clients sign an agreement, and often between sessions.  This style of mediation is usually less expensive for the clients and sessions are easier to schedule.  Where the file is more complicated I encourage counsel to be present at mediation sessions in order to provide support and to avoid delay between sessions while clients can get legal advice.

Family Law Arbitration & MedArb

If counsel are of the view that a family law file would benefit from the finality of a decision, either with or without an attempt at a mediated settlement, then the parties can agree that I will act as a Family Law Arbitrator, either throughout an arbitration, or to decide any issues not settled in the mediation phase of a med/arb process. 

I require wherever possible that parties participating in an arbitration process have counsel attend throughout, and I will not conduct a Family Law Arbitration or Med/Arb unless both parties have counsel who sign with their clients the agreement to engage in the process. 

As an arbitrator I can be engaged to deal with all of the issues in dispute or one or more specific issues, including even threshold issues such as whether a child remains a dependent child of the marriage, or whether an item of property is family property or excluded property, or whether there is entitlement to spousal support.

With the cooperation of counsel a timely process can normally be designed.  Evidence may be given orally, by affidavit, or both.  To expedite the arbitration fixed time limits may be set for examination and cross-examination of witnesses.

Wills & Estates Mediation

I also offer mediation services respecting wills & estates files. I prefer that counsel for each of the parties be present throughout the process. All of the parties and their counsel must sign the Mediation Agreement.

Facilities and Rates

My boardroom comfortably seats 8 and can accommodate up to 10. The boardroom has a view of the Marina at Fisherman’s Wharf.  My private office serves as a breakout room.  My office is located in the Shoal Point Building at Fisherman’s Wharf which has ample paid parking.

Ordinarily I charge an hourly rate, but on request I will quote a fixed daily fee for mediation.

About Michael Eeles

I was called to the Bar in 1986.  As a neutral I am certified by the Law Society of B.C. as a Family Law Mediator and a Family Law Arbitrator.

I also act as a mediator of disputes respecting Wills & Estates. 

In addition I offer legal services to clients respecting resolution of family law matters outside of court.  I negotiate family law agreements for clients and I act as counsel for clients in a family law mediation.  I am also trained as a Collaborative family lawyer and I am a member of Victoria’s Collaborative Family Separation Professionals and the IACP.

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